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Plants vs Zombies mod apk is the modified version of Plants vs Zombies. In this mod apk, you get unlimited suns, coins, everything unlocked and upgraded. With the help of this mod you can fight with zombies easily. You can win every battle without any problem.

About Plants vs Zombies Mod APK

In the modified version of plants vs zombies you get many unique and premium features like no ads, unlimited coins and sun etc. The PvZ mod apk gives you infinite power to beat your enemies.


There are a lot of features in Plants vs Zombies mod apk. Here is the list of major features in PvZ.

Unlimited Suns

Sun is the most important and useful currency in the game. You need suns to purchase plants in the game. In the Plants vs Zombies you get suns from Sunflower plants.

The more sunflower plants you grow the more suns you will get. You can buy other plants with the help of suns. Every plant requires different amount of suns. For example, the peashooter requires 100 suns. That’s how sun system works in PvZ.

In this modded game you get unlimited suns to compete with zombies and enemies. With the help of unlimited suns you can set a lot of plants to fight with zombies and you can easily win every battle. You can fill up all the rows with plants so the no zombie can come near to you.


Unlimited Coins

Coins are also very important in PvZ. You need coins to purchase and unlock different plants and items in the game. Coins are earned by beating zombies and you get on different events. There are two types of coins in Plants vs Zombies. One is gold and second is silver type coins. Gold coins are rare and have more value than silver coins.

In PvZ mod apk you get unlimited coins. Both type of coins gold and silver you get in PvZ. With the help of unlimited coins you can buy and unlock many items and plants you want. The power of unlimited coins make you more powerful against your enemies.

Unlimited Money

Money is the rarest currency of the game. You need money to purchase some premium items and plants in the game. With money you can buy coins too in the game. You cannot earn money directly in the game. You need to buy money from real money.

But, in this mod, you get unlimited money. Due to unlimited money, you can buy whatever you want in the game tension free. You can buy all premium plants and items with unlimited money.

Everything unlocked

In the free version of game there are many items, plants, and modes are locked by default. You need to unlock them by playing and wining levels in Plants vs Zombies. That is very time consuming and tough process to unlock all of the items, plants and modes. You might get stuck on some levels due to less resources.

Everything in unlocked for you in this modded plants vs zombies. You do not need to play the whole chapters and game to unlock everything. With the help of this amazing feature, you can play your favorite and dream levels you want without even unlocking them by hard work. You can play with your favorite plants and zombies in the game.

Everything upgraded

In PvZ you have to upgrade your plants and slots, etc to win upcoming hard levels. To upgrade your plants you have to collect coins, money by wining levels of the game. Upgrading plants and items is a very time consuming procedure. It gives you a tough time to upgrade a single plant to maximum.

In the modded game, all plants and items are upgraded to the max. You do not need to do all the stuff manually. You don’t need to upgrade plants manually to fight with powerful zombies.

Free versionModded version
No premium featuresAll premium features
Limited livesUnlimited lives
Need to unlock everythingEverything unlocked
Ads issueNo ads issue
Everything is limitedEverything is unlimited
Auto updatesAuto updates
No rootNo root
Clean ( No Virus )Clean ( No Virus )
comparison table of mod and free version of plants vs zombies apk

How to download and install plants vs zombies mod apk?

If you are a newbie and don’t know how to download and install plants vs zombies mod apk. Let me help you out.

First of all, click on the download button given below and wait. Then it will redirect to the download page. Click on download, and your download will begin in 1 or 2 seconds.

It will take a few minutes to be downloaded after downloading the game. Follow these steps.

Now go to your phone settings and allow unknown sources.

Now go to download manager and click on the apk file. It will start to begin installing. After a few minutes or seconds, all done.

Now go to the home screen and click on the icon of the game. That’s the whole procedure of the game.

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